9th Conference of Young Researchers


Conference will be held ONLINE on 27th November.

Pozvánka KOMVY 2020 SK

The conference is focused on:
"Water Structures"
"Water Management"
"Environmental Engineering"

Scientific Committee:
prof. Ing. Petr HLAVÍNEK, CSc., MBA
prof. Ing. Viliam MACURA, PhD.
prof. Ing. Andrej ŠOLTÉSZ, PhD.
prof. Ing. Štefan STANKO, PhD.

Language of the Paper and Conference: English and Slovak

All papers will be published in the reviewed proceedings.

Online registration

Paper Template

Email address: konferencia.komvy@gmail.com

Organising Committee:
Ing. Réka Csicsaiová 
+421 (2) 32 888 282

Ing. Ivana Marko  +421 (2) 32 888 282

Ing. Jaroslav Hrudka, PhD.  +421 910 188 019

Faculty of Civil Engineering STU in Bratislava, Department of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering,
Radlinského 11, 810 05 Bratislava, Slovakia

Conference Fees:
200 EUR
 conference fee

Payment Information:
Slovak National Committee IWA
Slovenská sporiteľňa, a.s.
IBAN: SK43 0900 0000 0000 1149 5184
Business Registration no. (IČO): 31745415
TIN (Tax Identification Number/DIČ): 2020856277
VS (Variable Symbol): 270420
CS (Const. Symbol): 0308
The organizer is NOT a payer of VAT.
Include the name of the participant in the message for the receiver.

Pozvánka KOMVY 2020 SK